About Delhi

Delhi is a city that bridges two different worlds. Old Delhi, once “the Capital of Islamic India,” is a labyrinth of narrow lanes lined with crumbling havelis and formidable mosques.

In contrast, the imperial city of New Delhi created by the British Raj is composed of spacious, tree-lined avenues and imposing government buildings. Delhi has been the seat of power for several rulers and many empires for about a millennium. Many a times the city was built, destroyed and then rebuilt here. Interestingly, a number of Delhi’s rulers played a dual role, first as destroyers and then as creators.

Delhi is the city of cities and its history goes back to over 3000 years. It has seen the rise and fall of several empires and rulers. Its inhabitants have experienced grandeur, battles and bloodshed, from time to time. Delhi also tells the stories of its kings, their manners, ideas, creations and lives. It is believed, that at the present site of Delhi, seven previous cities had been built, while some believe that the number was fifteen, if you take the minor settlements and fortifications, into account. Each ruler came and built a part of the city, giving it his name, and adding something new to it

General Information

Area: 1,483 sq km

Altitude: 293 m above sea level

Climet: 25º C to 46º C. ( summer )
3 to 4º C ( winter )

Languges: Hindi, English, Urdu and Punjabi

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