About Udaipur

The famous “white” city of Rajasthan state, Udaipur stands on the banks of the lake Pichola, its many white marble palaces reflecting in the lake’s calm waters. Udaipur is voted one of the most romantic cities of India. Due to an abundance of water, there are a number of gardens in and out of town

Out of many sobriquets of Udaipur, the ‘City of Lakes’ and the ‘City of Dawn’ are the most famous appellations given to Udaipur. The city of Udaipur is ideally set amidst the lush green Aravalli hills and the three lakes. The mesmerizing lakes, palaces, temples and gardens make Udaipur one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in India. The glittering waters of Lake Pichola make the city of Udaipur most romantic city of India.

Udaipur offers numerous tourist attractions to gratify the thirst of tourists. Places of interest could be different for different persons and keeping this fact in mind, we have tried to provide you information regarding the best tourist attractions of Udaipur. The imperial city of Udaipur boasts of picturesque lakes, massive forts, beautiful palaces, art museums, well-laid gardens, architectural temples, colorful fairs and festivals. Anything from these places could be your place of interest. You will definitely be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the large lakes that form a picture-perfect background of Udaipur city.

General Information

Area: 12675.82 sq km

Altitude: 598 m above sea level

Climet: 32°C ( summer )45°C ( winter )( summer )

Languges: Rajasthani, Hindi and English