About pushkar

India is a country of colours and festivals. “Pushkar Fair” is one of the most famous Fair which resembles the true colour of Indian culture and traditions. One can peep into the Real Rajasthani grandeur and royalty with the folk music, art and performance being displayed at the Mela.

The Pushkar Fair is also known for the cattle and camel fair which is the most unique and the largest in its category. Many entertaining and funny competitions like, Camel race, a beauty contest for Camels and Camel dance are held at the fair. These cattle are decorated with the colourful embroidery products. The unique outfit of a man and women will enchant you to a great extent. Men will often keep a dense and long moustache and beard in a unique style and tie a turban on their head. Almost all fair and festival in India offers you puppet dance and drama which is the signature of Pushkar Fair as well. It is believed that almost 200000 visitors come to Pushkar Fair every year.

If you are planning a week tour to India and want to explore the northern part of India, we have brought you a perfect tour package for you. The Pushkar Tour with Tajamahal package has been designed in a way that you get a chance to see the real northern Indian culture with a trip to Pushkar, the most happening place in the royal state of Rajasthan. The place is well known for the yearly fair organised on a huge scale which also happens to be the largest fair of the camels and other cattle. The tour will start from the ancient and the capital city of Delhi and will lead you to Rajasthan grand cultural tour via the grandeur and scenic beauty of marble wonder, The Tajamahal.

General Information

Area: 55.67 sq km

Altitude: 510 m

Climet: 25 to 45°C (min) ( summer )
8 to 22°C ( winter )

Languges: Rajasthani, Hindi and English

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